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8801 line 26 2023-2024 Form: What You Should Know

Enter the amount in brackets. Enter the amount from your 2024 Form 8801, line 7 and enter it in bracket 1. You can use tax tables to determine tax brackets. For each line item, enter the amount from the next higher bracket on that line item. Line 7—Adjustment to line 26 (13,900, 18,350, 48,250) Line 13—Adjustment to line 16 (15,800, 28,100, 73,200) Line 13—Adjustment to line 16 (15,800, 28,100, 73,200) 35,800 Add line 14. Total income from Schedule 1 line 12c and Schedule 1 line 13a. Line 9a—adjustment to line 26 of your Form 8995 or Form 8995-A, line 27 of your Form 941, line 28 of your Form 709, line 35 of your Form 1040 or line 40 of your Form 1040A, line 39 of your Form 1040EZ, line 40 of your Form 1045, line 44 of your Form 1065, line 49 of your Form 1065-B, line 49 of your Form 1138, line 51 of your Form 1116, line 53 of your Form 1116A, line 55 of your Form 1120, line 56 of your Form 1120A, line 57 of your Form 1120EZ, line 48 of your Form 1120S, line 46 of your Form 1120X, line 47 of your Form 1125 or line 48 of your Form 1138.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8801 line 26 2023-2024

Instructions and Help about Form 8801 line 26 2023-2024

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